Areas Under Scope of NABL Accreditation...
Mechanical Division
Mechanical Testing
  Brinell, Vickers & Rockwell Hardness Test, Tensile Test, Bend, Rebend test Wedge load test, flattering Test of Metallic and Non metallic Products, Microstructure & depth of Decarburisation of Metals and alloys, Case Depth of metallic products, Compressive strength of Brick & concrete Cubes, Proof Load Test of Mechanical Jacks Proof Pressure Test of Sluice, Reflux, Landing and foot Valves C.I. & M.S. Blade Pipes & fittings.
Other Test Facilities Available...
Mechanical Testing
  Physical Tests like Shear & Impact test at ambient and sub-zero temperature(- 40..) etc. of metallic and non- metallic raw materials & products as per IS.BS & ASTM specification, Testing of items like Construction steet, Building materials, Rubber, Nylon, Tarfelt & PVC Cable AAA Conductor, Plastics, Wires, Paper, Wood, GRP, FRP etc. by Microprocessor Based Computerized Tensile Testing Machine Load Test of C.I. & Concrete Manhole Covers up to 1000KN, Grain size measurement Nodularity, Graphite Flake , Inclusion Rating, Porosity etc. Rubber hoses/HDPE pipes, Wick stove, Tin containers, Fire extinguishers and hydrants Fasters, Mechanical valves.
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